Community Case Studies

We pride ourselves in creating incredible solutions for a wide range of community projects.

Vinyl Record Crowdfunding

Brief: Create a community powered platform for a vinyl printing company, looking to offer bands and artists a way to crowdfund vinyl prints with their fans and followers.

  • Built in WordPress, using premium plugins, supported by highly customised code
  • Bands and Artists can create and manage their own artist page
  • Creation of a vinyl ‘configurator’ allowing bands to price-up their vinyl
  • Allow artists to create crowdfunding campaign to support printing their records
  • Deep integration with third-party payment management and CRM platforms, allowing for automation of platform

e-Learning Multi Site

Designed to allow a multi-national e-Learning organisation to offer their partners their very own learning platforms, from a centrally managed service.

  • Utilises WordPress multisite to allow for quick deployment of new e-learning platforms
  • Data portability allows students to move between platforms effortlessly
  • Custom interfaces remove need to train partners to use WordPress CMS
  • Integrated e-commerce channels and membership-based controls deliver customised premium services
Powerful Community Features

Social Investment Platform

Built for a small, high-value investment community, this project delivered a custom built, secure platform where members could create and discuss trade investment opportunities in real time.

  • Based on a customised version of the BuddyPress Groups tool
  • Creation of tools allowing members to post investment opportunities
  • Creation of a WhatsApp-like live chat tool, that automatically added a chat channel to new investment opportunities  
  • Tight integration across website and native iOS and Android app

Educational and Self-care Support Platform

Built for a charity that provides support services to some of the 82 million people displaced in the world, we created safe-guard focused platform to provide training support across the world.

  • Custom upload tools allow the client to translate their educational resources into digital services
  • Lesson creation tools allow the client to create unique courses for each cohort, based on their specific needs
  • Safe-Guarded BuddyPress Groups ensure cohorts personal information is protected and secure 
  • Multilingual iOS and Android apps, published in English and Arabic. 

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