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Press on Vinyl: Crowdfunding Platform


Press on Vinyl (POV), an exciting new vinyl printing company, based in the UK, approached us with a unique brief – help Bands/Artists fund their very own vinyl prints through the use of crowdfunding tools that they can share with their fans. This needed to be supported by a range of complimentary community services to help engage with Music Enthusiasts.


How We Helped

We spent time working with POV to understand their current requirements and future aims. The result was a platform designed for two key user groups, Music Enthusiasts and Bands/Artists. The platform focuses on helping Bands/Artists promote themselves and the music they produce and ultimately promote the opportunity to get a vinyl record through crowdfunding campaigns. In turn the platform helps Music Enthusiasts discover and engage with Bands/Artists that makes the music they love.

Press on Vinyl is an ambitious organisation. With plans to open up services to Music Labels and Music Venues. To support these requirements, the platform was designed from the start, to be expandable.

Key Deliverables

Custom BuddyPress Groups: Artist/Band Page

Anyone who signs up to the Press on Vinyl platform can ‘upgrade’ their account to become a Band/Artist. This allows them to create their very own, MySpace-like homepage, allowing them to share band details, upload music, post to and manage an activity feed, set up vinyl crowdfund campaigns and more.

Cost Calculator

In order to create a crowdfund vinyl campaign, Bands/Artists must first understand the profit they can make, based on the price per vinyl. Working with third party APIs, that linked to the Press on Vinyl CRM platform and some in-platform algorithms, Zipline created an intuitive cost calculator, to ensure successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Crowdfunding Setup & Management

Using a third party WordPress plugin, Zipline created a heavily customised interface to allow Bands/Artists to set up, launch and manage crowdfunding campaigns for their fans. Back end interfaces ensure PoV are able to manage successful campaigns and API integration allows for seamless commissioning of Vinyl runs, directly into the PoV working process.


Again, Zipline heavily adapted a third party plugin to create an engaging and focused crowdfund based experience for Music Enthusiasts. Members and visitors of the platform are able to back campaigns. Woocommerce was used to manage the payment with advanced third party integration ensuring campaigns that were not successful returned funds to backers.

Recommend Content

By using two common datasets across the platform (music genre and location) we were able to ensure music enthusiasts are presented with artists they may like and vinyl prints they may be interested in. The feature was designed to be expandable to support upcoming events of interest and more.

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