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One Earth: e-Learning Multi Site


One Earth is a purpose-led organisation, focused on “Uniting businesses and people, together to connect, learn and trade”. This remit is achieved through a series of sophisticated learning programs and development resources, targeted at business owners, industry leaders and professionals, focused on improving their working practices and methods.


How We Helped

One Earth already had an online presence. They approached Zipline looking to advance and evolve their platform, ready for rapid business growth. This manifested itself in two core elements

Through extensive and ongoing interactions with the One Earth stake holders, Zipline has developed a range of advanced services to support the needs of them and their clients.

Key Deliverables

Updating the One Earth platform

Building on an existing WordPress and BuddyPress platform, Zipline refined existing elements and delivered new interfaces and user experiences. This included a radical update to the subscription and payment mechanism (powered by WooCommerce) and a custom built on-boarding experience.

Creation of a Mutisite ecosystem

Using WordPress multisite, we created a service that allows One Earth to offer their clients their very own learn-based community. Key deliverables included a centralised payment gateway, integrated e-learning platform, branded on-boarding and rapid deployment tools.

Headless WordPress admin

Rather than exposing the platform managers to the complex WordPress admin interface, we created a series of streamlined management tools, accessible from the community website. This included integration of third party tools, allowing platform managers to create Learndash-based courses

Planning for future evolution

Zipline work with One Earth as technology partners. A key part of this role is providing support and expertise in the planning of future features. This work is ongoing and iterative – born out of Zipline’s focus on ensuring we have a full and complete understanding of client wants and needs. 

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