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Beyond Conflict: Educational and Self-care Support Platform


Beyond Conflict provide support to some of the 82 million displaced people around the world. The Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology is their scientifically grounded educational and self-care resource, written for forcibly displaced adults and those working with them. 

How We Helped

Beyond Conflict approached Zipline, asking us to help them translate their Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology training resource into a digital service that could be used to extend the real-world support services they provide in countries such as Syria. Looking deeper into the brief, they wanted to ensure all participants were safe guarded and were able to access the material via an easy to use iOS and Android app, to be delivered in English and Arabic.

Key Deliverables

Digitising the Field Guide

Designed to support text, video and pictures, we created an easy to use tool that allows Beyond Conflict to upload and manage their Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology in chapters and subchapters, ready for use via the course creation tools.

Cohort Creation

Using BuddyPress groups as a foundation, we created a mechanism that allows the client to create invite-based cohorts. Students must pass a second round of review and acceptance to ensure the security of groups are maintained. 

Course Creation

We created tools to allow Beyond Conflict team members to create individual lesson plans for each cohort, ensuring members are delivered content in a meaningful and structured manner. 

Safe Guarded Cohorts

A critical component of the project was to ensure that cohort member’s personal information and the ability to be communicated with was protected.

Multi Language Platform

Beyond Conflict work across the world. We created the platform in both English and Arabic. Both platforms were then published as custom built English and Arabic iOS and Android apps. 

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