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At Zipline, we create online communities and social networks tailored to your exact needs. We craft and fine tune every feature of your community to work in concert together. The result is a community website and iOS and Android app built for you and your members.

Community Groups

Groups are a foundational feature of many digital communities. They allow members to congregate around shared interests, building communities within your community. Groups can be member managed or admin controlled. They can be open, private or invite only. Groups support activity feeds and can be enhanced with other features such as Forums, Events and Live Chat.

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Forums are an ideal tool for capturing information that you want to persist within your community. Forum features include: Multiple forums/topics/threads, advance moderation, sticky posts, multi-media support, native iOS and Android app support and more. As part of your Community Package, the Zipline team will customise forums to best fit your needs.

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Feature: Forums
Feature: Events


Event planning and management is a core requirement for many communities. The Events tools bring a range of features to your community, including RSVP, maps, ticket sales, pre and post event conversations, event galleries, ical and CalDav support, member controlled event management and more.

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Activity Feeds

Activity feeds are organised streams of user generated content from across your community. Activity feeds can be the foundation feature of community groups and provide a discussion space for eLearning lessons. Or they can be custom generated, based on the content created by groups an individual is following and the friends they have made.

Feature: Activity Feeds
Feature: eLearning


Online learning offers the opportunity to reach out to audiences across the world. Our eLearning solution builds on industry leading software, allowing you (or teachers) to create media-rich interactive lessons. These lessons can be supported by live chat and activity feeds. They can be free or paid for. And they all work through the browser and on your iOS and Android app.

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Live Chat

Zipline Live Chat is a plug and play chat solution for your community. Chats can be deployed anywhere in the community, including behind paywalls. Zipline Live Chat apes many of the behaviours of WhatsApp. It includes picture, video and audio posting, inline reply, @username referencing, member flairs, and more. Live Chat seamlessly integrates into your community website and iOS and Android app.

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Feature: Live Chat
Feature: Social Sign In

Social Sign In

Social Sign In is a method for new and existing members to sign up and log into your community, using their details from popular social networks (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook). Social Sign In lowers the barriers to entry, making an easy-to-use community even easier to use!



The directory feature allows you to build a range of listing services, customised to your requirements. These can include eBay-style listing services, business directories, or location-based directories supported by interactive maps. Member-focused tools make posting and managing listings easy. Listings can be configured to show a wide range of content, including pictures, videos, text, tags, location, ratings and more. Directories can be integrated with other features too – including E-commerce and Premium Membership Services.

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Feature: Directory
Feature: Premium Memberships

Premium Memberships

Create a revenue stream and take advantage of content and services within your community by creating premium membership tiers. Allowing you to create on-going subscription services, or one-off payments, premium members can pay to access dedicated parts of your website and iOS and Android app.



Communication is built into the heart of every community. Your platform will support a full range of services, ensuring your members are kept up to date on everything that is important to them. Services include branded emails, InMail, automated emails, iOS and Android app notifications, and more. Tools allow community members to control the messages they want receive immediately, rolled into a digest or switch off completely.

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Feature: Communications
Feature: Shop/eCommerce

Shop / eCommerce

If you are taking payment for premium services, looking to charge one-off fees for real world events, selling community related products, or anything in between. The ability to take and process payment securely is an essential component of a community. Built using industry leading technology, our e-commerce solution means your community can be configured to support Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Apple and Google Pay and more. We can even customise your community to allow your members to setup shops and take payment themselves!

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The crowdfunding feature from Zipline allows you to setup your very own crowdfunding platform, within your own community platform. Fully integrated into your website and iOS and Android app, you can allow community members to create and manage crowdfunding campaigns that other members, and visitors can back. Integrated tools make sure everyone stays up to date with campaigns, while automated payment tools take away the leg work of distributing funds to successful campaigns.

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Feature: Crowdfunding

Other Features

There are simply too many features, packed into the Community Package to mention! So we’ve listed just a handful of the most popular community tools available to you:

Feature: On-Boarding Checklist

On-Boarding Checklist

Make sure your members share the details they need to get the best out of your community.

Feature: Invite a Friend

Invite a Friend

Allow members to invite other members to view their posts right away. A great tool for kick starting conversations.

Feature: Community-In-Community


Hide content from all but a selected group of community members. Great if you have premium services.

Feature: Editorial Blogs

Editorial Blogs

Gives you the power to post stories, news, updates, videos, podcasts and more.

Feature: Member Walls

Member Walls

Facebook-like tool that allows members to post what’s on their mind quickly and easily.

Feature: Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

Visually stunning walls of pictures that you have full control over. Already using Instagram? Why not bring your feed directly into your community.

Feature: Easy Video

Easy Video

All you and your members need to do is post a link from YouTube or similar service. The community takes care of the rest. The result; inline videos, elegantly displayed.

Feature: Socialise This

Socialise This

Tap into the power of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and more. If your community has content, your members can socialise it.

Feature: Search & Filtering

Search & Filtering

Allow members to find content relevant to their interests.

Feature: Content Discovery

Content Discovery

Proactively offer relevant content to individual community members.

Feature: Document Sharing

Document Sharing

Allow admins and community members to upload and share documents with others.

Feature: User Profiles

User Profiles

Can be tailored to suit the needs of your community.

Feature: Moderation


A full range of tools that enable you to keep your community healthy.

Feature: Segmentation/Grouping


Allows for increased control over search, communication, analytics and access to sections of your community.

Feature: Privacy Options

Privacy Options

Control who sees what in the community.

Feature: Analytics


Get data on how your members are using your community.

Feature: User Management

User Management

Add, invite, bulk manage, block and ban people.

Feature: Advertising Management

Advertising Management

Create an additional revenue stream for your community with advert support. Can also be turned off for members who pay a subscription fee.

Feature: Multi Admin Views

Multi Admin Views

Do you have different people, with different roles using the admin centre? We can create admin roles to ensure people can only access the parts of the admin centre you need them to.

Feature: Tagging


Use keywords across the community to aid content search and discovery.

Feature: FAQ


Provide members with a searchable database of commonly asked questions. Ships with some basic common question and answers out of the box!

Feature: Multilingual


Your community can be made available in any language you want.

Need More Features?

If you are looking for a feature not listed here, we can help! Zipline’s Custom Development Service builds on the foundations of the Zipline Community Package. Through a process of consultation, development, testing and delivery, the team at Zipline can create anything you need to support you and your members.

Want to know more? Get in touch and we’ll work to uncover your requirements. Our team of expert, in-house developers will then be on hand to build whatever feature, function, service or integration you need!

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