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Sniper Circle: The Investors Community


The Market Sniper (TMS) is a members only community of investors and traders. TMS were relying on WhatsApp, Basecamp and a range of other third party platforms to manage critical conversations about market opportunities. As their business grew, it became apparent that they needed to own and control the conversations that formed a fundamental component of their customer offer.

How We Helped

The Market Sniper came to Zipline with a simple requirement – improve their customer experience. This was achieved by creating a custom built community website and natively built companion iOS and Android apps.

Zipline worked closely with The Market Sniper team to help plan the community, called The Sniper Circle, ensuring it was tuned to their specific requirements. WordPress and BuddyPress were used as the foundation of the Community. Extensive custom code delivered the unique tools and interfaces.

Key Deliverables

Live Chat 

Built on Zipline’s ZippChat platform, a cutting edge technology that enables WhatsApp-like chat services. Sniper Circle members are able to post text, pictures, audio, replies, and more. Live chat was also enhanced with member flairs – inline admin awarded badges – that help members determine the seniority of other members.

iOS and Android App 

Utilising our in-house ZippApp platform; a software tool kit that allows us to effortlessly translate communities built in the BuddyPress framework into native iOS and Android apps. The app allows The Market Sniper community to stay up to date with their investments, chat in real time, receive notifications and follow the activity of other members.  

Premium Access 

The Sniper Circle works across three trading areas – Forex, Commodities and Crypto Currencies. A member’s access to a trading area is controlled by their subscription. 

Keap integration

The Market Sniper uses Keap, a leading web-based CRM tool. The Sniper Circle Online Community ‘talks’ to Keap – pushing and pulling data between the platform to ensure records are kept up to date.

Learndash integration

New members must go through training in order to become ‘traders’. Zipline integrated Learndash into the community. On completion of a course, a member’s rank is automatically upgraded.

Custom groups: Setups

Building on the BuddyPress group features, Setups allow members to post trade opportunities in a highly structured format that captures key investment data points. other members can then subscribe to the setup and use live chat to talk about the opportunities. 

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